Remember when the wall was in SF? No? That’s because it way back in late August (and it’s already gone). Went and loved it, but failed to post about it… until now!

A little sidenote: I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years, but hadn’t actually stepped in front of the lens much until earlier this year. I’d always dreamed of being a model when I was young, but never had the right look, height, or much talent in that department (I’d watch America’s Next Top Model and wish that was me!). I didn’t feel pretty enough to be on the modeling side of the lens. Since I started blogging earlier this year, and with the help of some awesome friends, I’ve become so much more comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve learned my angles, some poses (still lots to learn there!), and have accepted that I am my biggest critic and that I don’t have to look perfect for the photo to be good. So just a little reminder that no matter how far along you are in the journey, just go out there and practice, and while I’m no model, I can promise that it does get a lot easier.

Also, I wore one of my fave outfits EVER on this day, pairing jean shorts with a silk jacket (sounds weird, but it worked!). Shop the style below. Can’t wait to wear this again once it’s warmer out!

What’s been your experience of being in front of a camera? Tell me below. xx


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Photos by Hannah Anisa