Ya’ll already know I love floral prints, and they were so in for Fall. So I figured… why not keep it going into winter?

I picked up this gorgeous floral mini dress in my Forever21 Black Friday haul. I love that it buttons all the way up to my neck and ties up into a loose bow. It’s a mini, but the long sleeves and high neck keep it appropriate for work and family holiday parties.

To keep the floral style fresh, I chose a print with a black background and paired it with heavy fabrics and rich colors. I wore my dress with a red velvet cinch bag (my new obsession!) and grey faux suede mules. And, of course, the purple hexagon sunnies I wear on the daily.


By the way, I purposefully don’t edit photos of myself, so yes, I have skin imperfections (I also don’t wear any kind of foundation or concealer), and that’s ok! I also currently have a bad breakout of hives, and yes, you can see it on my legs, but you know what? That’s ok too. It’s real life, it happens, and it’s ok to show it! Just a friendly reminder that you’re perfect as you are, right now.

What’s your favorite winter trend? Tell me in the comments!

Later, babes <3

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Photos by Hannah Anisa