During my trip to the Napa Valley Film Fest, I had the incredible opportunity to stay at Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa! I’d never heard of this hotel before, and the name threw me off a bit, but oh my gosh, it’s the cutest, hipster kitsch-iest, comfiest hotel with rooms that are made to look and feel like motorhomes, but in the best possible way.


When you first roll up, you see an expansive lot of single-floor houses. Walking into reception, your eyes are instantly drawn to gorgeous midcentury-modern decor with green velvet couches and leather poofs, as well as fully-stacked shelves of yummy treats like kombucha. With your room key, you receive an adorable old-school map of the area so you know where to explore. Want coffee in the morning? Take some with you in a re-sealable glass jar.

When you get to your room, you’re greeted by a cute doormat with a different message at each stoop. Mine said “Hey good lookin'”… hey to you too, doormat! Walking in, there’s a lovely breakfast nook made out of a actual motorlodge seats that can actually be folded out to an additional bed. There’s all kinds of adorable details, like a hula hoop and stuffed animal head hanging on the walls. The “Do not disturb” sign is in the shape of a tree air freshener! Every detail is adorable.

They’re still building a restaurant, but the spa did not disappoint (read on to learn more).


I cannot say enough about the spa and natural hot springs. There are multiple pools at different temperatures, and the hot one was actually so hot that I couldn’t soak it in for too long (tbh I’m a total wimp with hot water – Emily loved it). The spa itself was so adorable, with clawfoot tubs and tiled walls, instructions for use painted in the waiting area, mud baths, massage rooms, scented oils, a steam room (which looked out on the garden), hammocks and a beautiful outdoor garden. The pool area had gorgeous cabanas to relax in, with incredible mountain views.

I received a massage from the spa director Chris and she was incredibly skilled and knowledgeable – she expertly told me how to move forward in managing tension and pain that I felt in different areas of my body.

The spa was incredibly luxurious without being pretentious. There were cute jokes all over the place, and no one took themselves too seriously, so I felt like I could truly relax and enjoy the scenery. Definitely do a spa service if you stay here and enjoy the amenities! They also have movie screenings for the community, so check that out if you’re in the area.


I loved loved loved this hotel and would definitely stay here again. The name kind of scared me initially, but the owners did an amazing job taking an old motor lodge and creating a beautiful, modern, fun space that kept it’s charm and made me feel right at home.