I’ve been meaning to blog consistently for the past few months, but somehow it keeps getting put on the back-burner.

The cool thing is, if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that there’s never a reason to give up on your goals. Even if you fail at completing your goals for months, or years, or even decades, you can pick up at any time and JUST. DO. IT. Just do it. It’s that easy (Nike got it right). It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be anything other than what you can put out there. But just do it. Because what’s worse than failing?Β Never even trying.

Here’s me failing at swinging. Yes, the thing that first graders do.

Aside from chasing goals, another place I’ve learned to be fearless is fashion. In the past, I’d watch awesome trends go by and feel like I couldn’t pull them off. But nowadays? I find the style within the trend that looks great on me. Fashion isn’t about looking perfect, it’s about being interesting and finding the style or cause that makes your look unique.

Shop this look below! (Dog not for sale.)

Current example: off-the-shoulder tops. I love this look, but in the past would’ve just let it go by, never wearing it myself (common ways I used to talk myself out of wearing a cute top: my arms are too fat, my boobs are way too small, what about those love handles, etc.). Fast-forward to now, and instead, I’ve found an OTS top that flatters my body, and is on high rotation in my wardrobe.

Check out that lace detailing.

I love this specific OTS top because it accentuates the shoulders with a lacy edge, fluffs out in the front and back to cover any muffin-top action, and is roomy and comfortable to wear all day. I paired it with my everyday pair of jeans and the cutest pink bow slides. It comes out looking ultra feminine without all the usual work of having to wear heels or dresses.



Can we also talk about this view for a sec? Locals know about this spot, and it’s one of my favorite lookout points in San Francisco: the top of Dolores Park. If you trek all the way up to Dolores Street and 20th Street, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of downtown SF, with a lovely bench to enjoy your time looking out. The area is also surrounded by an overgrowth of colorful flowers to set the mood. And in the summer, someone always brings out a huge tarp to make a slip-n-slide for adults, kids, and dogs. What could possibly be better?

So here’s your daily reminder to just go for it (whatever “it” is for you). Don’t be afraid, because the worst thing that could happen is that you learn and grow.

Photos byΒ Hannah Anisa